The Golden Key: Testing the twig ‘gradient’ and experimenting with colour

I began working on my final poster:


^The gradient was too repetitive twiggradientsecondtries22

^ Transformed the twigs/rotating/reflecting to make them look more random, and copied huge chunks to get density. (thank goodness for the auto select feature)


^ I thanked my past self for photographing some twigs in bunches.

I tested my composition out on my sister (since she didn’t know much about my concept). I couldn’t  print it out so I showed it to her from a distance on my laptop screen. To her it looked like hair…Then I zoomed in to 100% and she still thought it looked like hair. She came closer (to the screen) and could see the twigs. Not sure whether that’s effective or a problem:

testminimaltwigsandcolours3 testminimaltwigsandcolours4

Even though cream seemed to work really well I tried out different colours, just because maybe something else could be better:


^ The white shine and lighting on the edges of the twigs really stood out on greytestminimaltwigsandcolours6 testminimaltwigsandcolours7 testminimaltwigsandcolours8 testminimaltwigsandcolours9 testminimaltwigsandcolours10

^ after those didn’t work I reverted back to cream. But just to try being different again I thought of using earthy colours:

testminimaltwigsandcolours11 testminimaltwigsandcolours13 testminimaltwigsandcolours14 testminimaltwigsandcolours15 testminimaltwigsandcolours16 testminimaltwigsandcolours17 testminimaltwigsandcolours18 testminimaltwigsandcolours19 testminimaltwigsandcolours20 testminimaltwigsandcolours21 testminimaltwigsandcolours22 testminimaltwigsandcolours23

^I thought I’d settle for the last one (that was a slightly darker version of the cream the professor chose) but I did end up using the cream. It just worked better.


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