The Golden Key: Second idea for last critique before final

I’d gone of on a tangent with the first idea, so I decided to come back to the idea that I had when I was looking at my sister’s Jenga blocks.

boytwiggradientblockbg1 boytwiggradientblockbg2

^Cut out most of the boy, to keep just a slight outline and changed the black to a lighter colour

boytwiggradientblockbg4 boytwiggradientblockbg5


^ Liquifying wasn’t working, it kept ruining the quality of the scan.


^ Went back to this version


^Tried to efficiently select the twigs using the method I learnt from the double exposure video


^ started by arranging them in a circular way

boytwiggradientblockbg14 boytwiggradientblockbg15 boytwiggradientblockbg16

^ The tiniest adjustments made it conform to the keyhole shape.

boytwiggradientblockbg17 boytwiggradientblockbg18 boytwiggradientblockbg19

^Used the burn tool to bring out the colour of the face (otherwise it got hidden in the twigs)

boytwiggradientblockbg22 boytwiggradientblockbg23

^Tried a different colour (even tried adding the motion blur/wood

specks to the grey). Didn’t look as good

boytwiggradientblockbg24 boytwiggradientblockbg25

^ Added motion blur specks on to the scanned wood grain, it BARELY made a difference. You can’t even tell which one has the extra details and which one doesn’t


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