The Golden Key: One idea for last critique before the final

figuringoutbackground2 figuringoutbackground3

^ Trying out the different Jenga wood blocks, to be able to compare which one looks best.

figuringoutbackground6 figuringoutbackground7

^ Content aware tool coming in handy

figuringoutbackground8 figuringoutbackground9 figuringoutbackground10 figuringoutbackground11 figuringoutbackground13 figuringoutbackground14 figuringoutbackground15 figuringoutbackground16 figuringoutbackground17


^ Tried making a keyhole-boy-silhouette thing


^ I wanted to make the grains form the white part of the image:


printideaone8 printideaone9

^ fixed the triangular part of the bottom area. It ended up looking REALLY similar to the old Catholic illuminations we had to study in Art History. I wasn’t going for that. But I kept working, just to see what would happen.

Decided to blend the layer, to get it to look less like it’s been just stamped onto the wood.

printideaone10 printideaone11 printideaone12 printideaone13 printideaone14 printideaone15 printideaone16 printideaone17

^Used woody colours

printideaone18 printideaone19

^ Colours that I felt worked conceptually (keyhole/snow)


^ Picked this one as one idea to talk about


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