The Golden Key: Last minute ideas, and photographing my cousin

My little sister came to me and asked me to play Jenga with her at a moment when I was kind of stressed. But hey! Pretty wood grains! I’m like: Where’d you get these???? Her friend gave it to her. I politely asked my sister if I could take them to my school to scan them and I promised I would bring them back and not put paint on them.

Got these scans at a VERY high resolution in case I wanted to use them as a background for my 40×60 final (these bricks are less than 3 inches long):

asmascanblockgrain003 asmascanblockgrain004 asmascansmallblock001 asmascansmallblock002 asmascansmallblock003 asmascansmallblock004

These are larger bricks and had a different texture (smoother finish)>


I had this sudden image in my brain where I imagined my twigs gradient look, on top of the scanned bricks background, with the type cut out from the textures I created (maybe the twig gradient would be in the boys silhouette):


madegraintype copy

Not sure why this happened:madegraintype2

Anyway, my textures printed out dark, so I used the colours from my twigs to make the texture:madegraintype3

I figured out another way to make the knots more convincing. It’s just using the twist tool when liquified and not moving it in circles or holding it in one place. Moving the brush around randomly creates the believable knots:madegraintype7

I also found a boy that I could photograph (my cousin). Unfortunately I completely forgot about my dslr camera when I met up with him, so I took the photos with my phone just to get somethingout of it. I could probably figure a way out to use these images (maybe as a reference for an illustration):

sadboy2 sadboy3 sadboy4 sadboy5 sadboy6


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