The Golden Key: Last critique before final and failed ideas

We had our last critique before the due date and the general consensus was that the wood grains were overpowering the twigs. They took the attention away from the twigs way too much


^ The professor suggested a cream background and also suggested that I don’t need to make the twigs conform to a keyhole shape. They could just be a regular ‘gradient’, like one of my VERY first experimentations.

I didn’t listen to him and tried something out anyway. I wanted to make a keyhole out of the negative shape (I kind of listened to him, because this way the conforming didn’t look as forced)

twiggradientsecondtries1 twiggradientsecondtries2 twiggradientsecondtries3 twiggradientsecondtries4 twiggradientsecondtries5 twiggradientsecondtries6 twiggradientsecondtries7

^ As I was working I tried making a face out of the twigs…bad bad bad idea. With darker colours it could look very freaky. I wasn’t going for freaky.

I noticed that my twigs had green tinges on them:

twiggradientsecondtries8twiggradientsecondtries9twiggradientsecondtries10 twiggradientsecondtries12twiggradientsecondtries13twiggradientsecondtries14twiggradientsecondtries15

^ I experimented with different hues of brown to get it to look more like wood.

Then I went and asked a few people which looked better:twiggradientsecondtries19

Most people found the greenness interesting.


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