The Golden Key: Finding THE sad boy (and editing him)

I began to work with the images I took of my cousin. I fiddled with all of them in some way to figure out which would be the best to work with for a final:

sadboy1 Tried using the puppet warp to make his head look down for one of the images. Decided against doing this, it didn’t work, bad idea.

findingsadboy1 findingsadboy2 findingsadboy3 findingsadboy4 findingsadboy5 findingsadboy6

^ In some images the lighting just wasn’t good.


^ I can’t imagine myself working with this viewpoint (it reminds me too much of my minimalist poster)

findingsadboy8 findingsadboy9 findingsadboy10 findingsadboy11 findingsadboy12 findingsadboy13 findingsadboy14

^ Couldn’t see this working either, I even tried taking it into Illustrator to turn it into a vector, just to see how it would look:

findingsadboy16 findingsadboy17

^ Not promising

findingsadboy18 findingsadboy19

^Back to photoshop, still not promising

I settled with this one and tried and prayed for something to work out:

findingsadboy21 findingsadboy22 editingsadboy1 editingsadboy2

Hit something interesting when I started experimenting with the magic wand tool and paths:

editingsadboy3 editingsadboy4 editingsadboy5

However the image was pixellated:

editingsadboy8 editingsadboy9 editingsadboy10 editingsadboy11 editingsadboy12

^ I tried doing various (random?) things to try and get rid of the pixellated look (like putting a stroke on a path). But that ended up in an ‘uneven’ look. Not sure how that makes me feel. I didn’t like it because it gave off pixelated or a microsoft paint look.

editingsadboy13 editingsadboy14

feathering and blurring felt like they would smoothen the edges, which they did by blurring


I didn’t want it looking blurred > because then it went back to looking pixelated!

I ended up making the edges smoother by using the refine edge tool and masking the areas that got selected.

editingsadboy16 editingsadboy17 editingsadboy18  editingsadboy20

^ Cleaned up the extra bits ^

editingsadboy21 editingsadboy22 editingsadboy23

^ tried simplifying the hair (without making it stop looking like hair)


^ This looks COOL. screenshot because it looked cool.

editingsadboy25 editingsadboy26 editingsadboy27 editingsadboy28

^ Made the lines thicker because I realised that they would print out very thin on a large scale.


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