The Golden Key: Final touches on the minimalist before printing and printing NIGHTMARES

I tested these two versions on different people and consulted with my professor. Some people felt the black and white was boring, but I felt like The Golden Key was trying too hard and distracted from the composition I designed to lead the viewers eyes from top to bottom. My professor left the decision to me. I stuck with the super-minimalist black and white one.


Made final adjustments, fixing the symmetry of the eyes/reducing outlines:

minimalistthegoldenkeyfinaltouches1 minimalistthegoldenkeyfinaltouches2 minimalistthegoldenkeyfinaltouches3 minimalistthegoldenkeyfinaltouches4

I tried fiddling with the type in someway (it looked too small in size, but I didn’t want to increase it’s width). In the process I discovered why designers cringe at the thought of stretching things, especially type:


Stuck with the original. Then I moved on to fiddling with how big I wanted the composition to be in the blank space:

minimalistthegoldenkeyfinaltouches8 minimalistthegoldenkeyfinaltouches9   minimalistthegoldenkeyfinaltouches12

^ If I had it touching the top and bottom edges, the top part looked annoying. And just the bottom edge touching was odd. Again, stuck with the initial composition.

After I had printed out the final I noticed issues. The black printed out grey and I hadn’t fixed my craft with my hands! Then when I went back to the file I noticed that my black, wasn’t even black:


Changing it to black made me notice things that otherwise weren’t visible:


Fixed the hands:


And reprinted…lesson learned to double check work. I was probably too preoccupied with double checking the page size, that I didn’t even check the work.


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