The Golden Key: Final results and after-ideas (that couldn’t be put to use)

TheGoldenKeyMinimalistPoster TheGoldenKeyMaximalistPoster

It was only after I had printed out my maximalist poster that I realised that I had a problem which I didn’t have the time to solve. A design problem was that the eyes ended up reading the text backwards. I wanted the golden key to be seen at the end and not be very visible, which is not possible with this design (when the gradient ends up leading to barely any twigs at the end). afterthoughtsofmaximalistgoldenkey2

^  I tried adjusting the key to ‘hide’ it behind a twig (and made the k and e sort of grow from the twig), but it was still the most visible word.

I thought that if I had had time I could have a gradient of twigs going from bottom to top, So that key is hidden. But that beats the purpose of the “fading story of twigs” idea…

Don’t know how to fix this problem and at this point I didn’t have the time (or energy). If this was my own personal side project thing, I would probably come back to it after a break.



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