Word: Experimentation with the travel idea and backgrounds (scans)

The plan I had for how I will ‘pack’ my letter:IMG_6104 IMG_6106

^ h – ‘medicine’. Planned to keep c for the things you forget to pack and pack last minute.

I experimented with the bath theme:


But I couldn’t get the camera angle right, I needed to capture the letter from the top to get all the edges of the materials to match the type.

So I took 2 photographs:

DSC_78 copy DSC_79 copy

And photoshopped them together:

DSC_78 copy copy2

I experimented with different background colours:

DSC_78 copy copy3 DSC_78 copy copy4 DSC_78 copy copy5 DSC_78 copy copy6

The grey seemed to work best, but I decided to try scanning a material that looked like the inside of a suitcase:

asmacoatlaw001 asmacoatlaw002 asmacoatlaw003 asmacoatlaw004 asmacoatlaw005 asmacoatlaw008asmacoatlaw006 asmacoatlaw007

^ Scanned a coats outside and inside layers.



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