The Golden Key: “Double exposure” and more

While I was trying to find some ‘tip’ to present to the class, I came across tutorials on how to create a ‘double exposure‘ effect. Until this point, I didn’t even know what those words meant.

Again I decided to use images from Google, just to try it out, instead of going all out and taking my own photographs only to find out later that the results weren’t what I’d imagined. I think of it as a kind of prototype…but it might not be a good working method, since it tempts you to continue using the images from the internet.

Found these using creepy search terms like ‘sad boy’, which more often turned up teenagers or adults instead of actual boys:

sadboy2 sadboy3 sadboy4

Placed him on top of one of my wood grain textures to ‘double expose’ him…


Side note – The negative space looked cool too:


So I must have made some mistake while following the tutorial, because my results weren’t even half as good as the tutorial guy’s:


I followed the tutorial again:imaging-woodgrainboy8 Still not pretty ^

I forced the brightness up but it still didn’t have the same effect as the tutorial example. I’m guessing it could be because they used a bright mountainous landscape image, instead of a dark, wooden grain as the background image. imaging-woodgrainboy10

I tried fiddling around with it some more


And tried following the tutorial again, properly this time (before I would make selections using quick selection even though the guy would tell us to go and make selections through channels)


^And this happened The sad this is that I’m not sure how it happened. It’s probably to do with the extreme adjustment in levels on the blue channel.


^ Used that to get this screenprinted look. I got the idea of warping the woodgrains and making him the keyhole as well:


Other not so successful things I tried (here I masked out everything except for the boys facial features)

sadboy6Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 12.16.19 AM

I tried doing the screenprinting effect using a different boy, but I couldn’t remember how I did it:imaging-woodgrainboy16imaging-woodgrainboy17imaging-woodgrainboy18imaging-woodgrainboy19

Got there somehow:


We discussed these in class^

Although the form of the warping next to the boy (the first boy) seemed interesting (especially the way I didn’t need to have the complete outline of the boy and had left half of it to be completed by the viewer), it didn’t seem to be as interesting to my discussion group as the twigs idea I had. My issue with the twigs was that I had cut and pasted them from a Google image. But apparently the same went for these boys (even though I felt like I had pushed the images far enough for it to not be considered plagiarising).

Either way, since the twigs had been brought up again, I felt like there must be something about those experiments that looks promising to the ‘experienced’ people that I must have missed. I just need to find my own twigs.


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