The Golden Key: Unsuccessful photoshopping

I noticed how some of these grains already resemble a sort of keyhole (if you really look for it).doorwoodgraincloseup1

I started to experiment with the liquify tool to see what would happen…   warpdoorgrain1 warpdoorgrain2 warpdoorgrain3

It looked pretty ugly^

But I figured out a system of extreme bloating:


And then going back with the reconstruction tool:   warpdoorgrain9 ^ It gave more believable look

Next I tried to push the outside areas of the grains ‘inwards’ to form the shape, instead of bloating. That doesn’t make sense. What I did differently was that I manipulated the pixels around the edges, so that they form a keyhole, instead of bloating the pixels in the centre of the image. warpdoorgrain11

Combined that second method with the bloating method:


Still ugly.


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