The Golden Key: Start of Phase 2…

We started the second phase of the Golden Key: the Maximalist poster.

I used the ideas I had made at the start of the project to trigger and help me sketch out further ideas.


I didn’t have materials at hand so I took photographs of wood textures from Google Images, for the sake of experimentation, just to roughly see how different layers of twigs would look when layered on top of each other using different blending modes in Photoshop.


I realised during this process that the order of the layers makes a difference on the way the layers blend. I also tried to understand what each blending mode did:


It wasn’t very clear since the results seemed to be inconsistent and unpredictable^

I tried another idea I had (also using images from Google) which was about twigs. I imagined fading twigs, in the sense that they’re going from concentration of a lot at the top, to less at the bottom. For this idea I even thought about how I wanted the type to be integrated with the twigs. The concept was how the story’s and the boys focus goes from collecting twigs and the coldness, to the key and his discoveries.


I imagined a blue grainy background to represent the snow ^

Blurred the grain, to make it look more snowy:


I made these using a shutterstock image of twigs:

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 9.27.43 PMDidn’t look interesting or like a promising idea^

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 10.05.23 PM

Did this two weeks later just to see how it would look completed. Still didn’t find it interesting. Maybe because of how repetitive the twigs look.


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