The Golden Key: Scans and Photographs

We revised some of our vocab and had a class demo on using scanners and printers:

Imagingnotes8syntaxscanner Imagingnotes9scanner Imagingnotes10scannerprinting Imagingnotes11printing

Luckily for me, I’d planned to scan my rubbings of wood grain that day anyway:


^  Black colour pencil


^ Graphite pencil

^ I scanned the front (and back) of this chocolate wrapper, because…Just in case. Scanned them at 1000%…just to try it out.

Photographs of the door as well (in different lightings and with and without-flash):


Photographed these (maybe I’ll do something with the scratches around keyholes). Maybe many different key holes from different doors.


Noticed that our breakfast table also has an interesting wood grain “knot” shape (it doesn’t have any texture though)



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