Merging: Tightening the ‘gestalt’



  1. an organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts.
    So initial google searches showed me that gestalt was an Escher like optical illusion/double image thingy:
    Apparently that was all wrong and I shouldn’t listen to that. Gestalt actually umbrellas a bunch of visual principles, that when followed create an image with high ‘gestalt’/balance. I think.

    So I should try doing things like making the ray parallel to the diagonal line and making the stroke around the cars half or a third of the stroke of the circle, I think.

    I compared images to see which to use for the low vernacular sign:

compareheadlights2 compareheadlights3

When trying to make everything look “balanced” I found that my flashes weren’t exactly symmetrical. Had to fix that:refiningray  Focused on the unofficial sign (the one on the right looks clearer AND more unofficial). I also altered the form of my unofficial cars because distinguishing between the front and back was a problem:

Before                                                                           Aftersigngestalttight2

Measuring the thicknesses of lines:signgestalttight3 signgestalttight4 signgestalttight5 signgestalttight6 ^Fixing annoying parts like these

Again, comparing the thicknesses of strokes/shapes (stroke of ray compared to wheel for example)

signgestalttight7 3/4 ^signgestalttight8 black didn’t show upsigngestalttight9 signgestalttight10 Still not working^signgestalttight11 Getting closer^signgestalttight12 Yay!^ signgestalttight13  signgestalttight15 signgestalttight16 Just checking to make sure I don’t have any stray paths/shapes^ cmd+y

Getting the lit part of the car in the front to match the rest of the image was a nightmare. When I altered the shape of my car, I’d also altered the shape of where the wheel fits.


And getting the strokes of everything to match and look like a whole was just…:signgestalttight18 signgestalttight19 Green for clearer look at what’s happening^

signgestalttight20 signgestalttight21 signgestalttight22 Ughhh!!!^^^

signgestalttight23 I had to momentarily turn of the snap to point and smart guides feature of illustrator. This allowed me to move the wheel the minute distance that I wanted to move it (otherwise it just kept snapping into a position that was slightly off).signgestalttight24 The yellow didn’t look clear enough. I gave myself the creative license to assume that the official, global and local signs would most likely use fluorescent paints to paint the yellow parts. Unofficial wouldn’t, so I had to come up with  a different solution ^ strokes and a slight change in colour.signgestalttight26


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