Merging: Panic, re-testing, final submission and analysis

Stuff just didn’t fit!! Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 12.33.46 PM Got them to fit with making extra layers and a combination of extra lines. There’s probably a more professional and cleaner way to do this, but I was panicked and was running out of time.

finalrefinecarsigns5Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 9.18.54 PM

^I realised that I left my low vernacular sign like this after I had printed it. So I had to fix and reprint.

Note for the future: I need to learn to manage my time better.


My second phase of testing didn’t involve my school friends (my age). I asked other friends and family (parents, cousins, sister), the age group ranging between 23 and 55. Learning from my past testing I tried making my questions more detailed, so that I could get better feedback.





Wrote this to put up next to the signs on the wall. Wanted to add this at the end: ‘placed by the driver inside his/her own car as a reminder.’ But that part didn’t seem necessary.



Overall, I found this project much harder than I had thought I would. I struggled to expand the differences between my signs’ different contexts. And after the results of my second testing, I don’t think I succeeded in my goals of making clear signs. In my defense. I think that usually signs are taught in driving school, so with just that bit of a hint towards the right direction, it would be difficult to misinterpret my signs. The one that wouldn’t be taught would be the low vernacular one, which was the most successful in terms of giving the information.

My experience so far made me want to keep a few things in mind for the future. Like how when testing, don’t just test the low vernacular one…I also really need to work on the types of questions I ask. I ended up having to probe the answers I wanted out of the people, with further questions, because the first question wasn’t effective enough.

I got better at thinking about things in different contexts, but it was VERY hard for me to do this. I had to consult a lot of different people (peers, professors, family) to help me do this.

Improvements I could make would probably be improving my global, local, official and unofficial signs further and testing them some more, to get to a very clear bunch of signs. The high vernacular doesn’t need to be that clear since it’s function is completely different from the rest of the signs. It could probably even come with writing behind the sticker-patch, explaining the problems with flashing.

Although, I have to say I’m still unsure of what merging is. I THINK I merged the feedback I got from different people to help me come up with one sign. In fact, I did that A LOT. Working and merging? with feedback. I merged information that I had gathered about the conventions of signs (the colours and forms). If that’s what merging is then I think the majority of my project’s process revolved around merging…


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