Merging: Last critique before deadline

15 - 13 

Had these iterations on the wall for critique:

Global:carsigns4Made the stroke of the circle bigger. I also made the colour of the circle black and not red, to distinguish it from the official sign. (Did the same with the local sign).

Local:carsigns9Narrowed the cars a bit, to be able to enlarge them

Official:carsigns6Made the ray of light parallel to the diagonal line


High Vernacular:carsigns10

Low vernacular:carsigns7added these at the end/last minute, I felt the painted iterations looked way too ugly.

Comments I made on my own work:

15 - 16 15 - 15 15 - 17 IMG_5911 15 - 23 15 - 20 15 - 19After looking at the low vernacular one^

carsigns8 My professor told me to imagine THIS ^ as the headlights of the car…I kind of stupidly/sheepishly stared at what she made me do, then at her and back.

It had been in front of my face the whole time and I’d been going around it in circles. So. Stupid.

After commenting on my own work, I realised that I could try making the unofficial more unofficial by putting a rectangle around it:carsigns1^ Nope. None of those iterations looked right. Ideas sound so good in my head, when they materialise it’s a completely different story.

I was also recommended to increase the level of ‘gestalt’ in my work. I’m still so very unsure of what that word means, and everyone pronounces it differently (not that the pronunciation will help me understand the meaning). What I got was that everything needed to look in BALANCE. Everything needed to look like it went together (was one picture) and not just forced together. A kind of visual harmony? So if the circle is bold, the strokes around the cars shouldn’t be thin. I’m not going for a shocking juxtaposition, I need a visual balance.


^ First attempts at that…


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