Merging: Final refinements of signs

The tip in the high vernacular sign was pulling the eyes to it (I wanted the attention on the exclamation mark in the centre of it).finalrefinecarsigns7finalrefinecarsigns8I also tried doing something about the pizza colour scheme, experimenting with shades of red and complimentary colours (of yellow):finalrefinecarsigns9finalrefinecarsigns10Too girl aimed^ ? finalrefinecarsigns12 finalrefinecarsigns13 carsigns3

^ Went with the one in the bottom row (not too red, not too pink. Kind of pastel – high vernacular? Sticker colour?)carsigns6 Had to fix the gestalt of the local sign:finalrefinecarsigns14 finalrefinecarsigns15 finalrefinecarsigns16 Getting the thicknesses of the wheels to compliment the thickness of the diagonal stroke:finalrefinecarsigns17 finalrefinecarsigns18 finalrefinecarsigns19 finalrefinecarsigns20 This ellipses spare wheel looked weird^finalrefinecarsigns21 rounded rectangle ^finalrefinecarsigns1 Made this^

finalrefinecarsigns2 Printed it and made a last minute rush to pick a lighter image, because otherwise it was too dark. I chose to keep the shape of the image a rectangle, and not the square I’d been suggested, because it looks like a lower vernacular sign now. finalrefinecarsigns4 Censoring the face and numbers that I didn’t notice before.

finalrefinecarsigns5Had aligned the labels, but because of the odd shapes of each sign, they had to be adjusted and not perfectly aligned.


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