Merging: Low vernacular (photographs) experimentation with different types of lines

I began work on the low vernacular sign first. I planned to print the photographs, paint iterations of crosses/lines using different media. I wanted to find the most suitable media/form that would have the most clarity. I also plan to experiment with photographing vs scanning the sign.

lowvsignpaint1 ^ I normally wouldn’t blur the license plate because I felt that a person making a low vernacular sign wouldn’t do that. I reconsidered that point of view, because people do care about their privacy and consider these things (even if they don’t need to, because of lack of information).

^ Unfortunately for me, I didn’t have whiteout at hand (which would be what the person making the sign would typically use). I improvised…(I really need to plan better).

lowvsignpaint3^Work space

I didn’t like how grainy the photograph was during the critique, so I went and re-edited it:  alowvsignfront1 ^experimented with the exposure adjustment layer as well this time.

alowvsignfront2 Brightness/contrast layer as well ^ this is where both layers are visible together.

alowvsignfront3 alowvsignfront4 Just the levels adjustment layer ^ too bright?alowvsignfront5 ^too dark?

alowvsignfront7 The Levels is not visible, brightness/contrast and exposure are visible^ alowvsignfront9 ^compared how the brightness/contrast + exposure layer (left) looked vs the levels adjustment layer one (right).alowvsignfront10 There was  barely a difference, but I felt the one with levelshad a better haze/halo around the headlights. Cropping^ the image in different waysalowvsignfront11 wide crop^alowvsignfront12 ^tighter crop worked best

lowvsignpaint4 All the iterations ^

lowvsignpaint5 ^first 3 columns are paint, other two are marker pen.

lowvsignpaint6^First column is crossed using charcoal, 2nd is marker and last 3 are paint. With these images I struggled because it was a dark image overall, so the yellow and red didn’t show up. I had to paint white lines first, and then paint OVER them with either yellow or red.


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