Word: attempt at ‘mastering’ footsteps

  • doing these letters themselves made me miserable 
  • cool experience  and result but maybe I want to go for euphoric? Don’t like this much lack of control – prefer control of deconstructing shape of fabric and crinkling and such – will experiment. 


tried stamping to get an idea of the steps – didn’t help at all – maybe got some idea of how i wanted to step on the paper


^I used flour to make paint thick (whole flour to look grainy/muddy). This made the colours lose brightness a bit, but I liked the effect at the end. TypeW5steps4

I used the blue colour to start with — looked ugly so I turned made it brown…


Pretty soon I figured that the scale at which I was working was too small


I printed BIIG (tape for scale).


Stepped with nice shoes and barefoot^

I wanted to totally give up at this point (looked hopeless)


^ Eman encouraged me to keep going just for the sake of experimentation and then move on to something different


^ Shoe hands…(the shoes were too small for my feet, but I totally pulled a Cinderella’s step-sister, eventually and forced my feet into them)


After I’d started doing more there looked like there was some hope. I decided to go for primary colors. I felt like it made sense since they’re the base colors. The idea I had was that everything, people from all walks of life making a person miserable?


^ Mess


The back of the steps had an interesting texture.


^Smaller was clearly messier and didn’t work as well

TypeW5steps24 ^ I took separate steps so that I could try photoshopping them in layers instead, just to see how it would look. The idea of layering on photoshop instead seemed easier? Less exhausting and less time consuming? (setting up and packing up/cleaning took more than 2 or 3 hours alone). And this is one letter


The drips on the floor were there from before^ looked interesting next to me letters

TypeW5steps31 TypeW5steps33 

^There were splatters that happened naturally as I worked. It looked cool, but not exactly like footsteps


^Foot prints for the dot

TypeW5steps36  TypeW5steps39

^ A different style of foot prints (with shoes) for the dots


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