Merging: Photographs for Low Vernacular

I struggled with coming up with ideas for low vernacular. I though this viewpoint of a harsh light hitting the back of a car got the message across: lowvphotoedit19

^ I even changed the car style back to a simple one, but it didn’t look low vernacular enough. I sensed that this could be because of the nature of vectors and how their quality doesn’t easily allow something to look low vernacular.

I decided to go simpler. Imagining what kind of a sign a regular/non-design-student person would make to tell others not to flash, I started taking photographs.

Photos taken with mobile phone: ^ After taking these I felt like this view would maybe not be clear enough, so I tried different perspectives:

^ With flash. Side note: noticed the bird poop on the van just now.

^  No flash emphasised the lights more, but it might be too dark overall.

^ I thought the van would be good for a low vernacular sign, but it wasn’t mine and it had to go.I continued experimenting with my own car. Too dark but the headlights look beautiful. So pretty. Another reason I moved on was that a van would’ve made sense if I had it from the back view. The van would be the one getting flashed/who had the sign with a cross over it stuck on the back of his/her car.

 ^Asked my neighbour if I could photograph their car too.

^The headlights just weren’t as bright as I wanted them to be


^”WOAHHH!!!”. I finally had the sense to experiment with the exposure. Thankfully I had made one of my professors last year teach me the basics of cameras (aperture/shutter speed) and just how to use it. I don’t know a lot about photography.

DSC_0053 ^ Tried a faster shutter speed than the last one…I was fiddling.

^ Just right? We’ll see.



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