Merging: Further discussion and expansion of ideas to experiment with

Before going off for eid break I discussed further with my professors about refining my signs’ forms. 

I got feedback such as the red lines being too thin:IMG_5364 Especially in the case of the global and local signs, because the entire cars showed, making the image too wide to be enlarged enough inside the circle: it had been forced to remain small. I had gotten so caught up in not making the look ‘toy-like’ that I didn’t consider that I could afford to make them less realistic for the sake of the sign and visibilty.

I was suggested that I could simply squish the cars horizontally, but I thought that then the four wheeler nature of the local car wouldn’t show. I thought I could simply add a tire to the back of the larger car.

Even the outlines/strokes of the cars seemed too thin to be visible from a distance.

I was very stuck on what to do for High Vernacular. We discussed where a high vernacular sign could be used. The professor questioned whether it always had to be a road sign, could it be stickers on the back of cars?

This triggered an idea in my head. I imagined a scenario where when police give tickets, they include/hand out stickers  FOR the people who could potentially flash – as a reminder for themselves – instead of a sticker as a warning to others.


^ Quick search I’d done to see what the conventional image for a reminder was (what colours, motifs etc.)


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