Merging: First critique and discussion

Had our first critique. We went around giving comments/suggestions on each others work. Some comments were more helpful than others (the one’s that didn’t give any constructive criticism weren’t helpful)

Nikko gave me some really helpful suggestions: there’s not enough difference between the visual language of the different signs – make global and local look less official to distinguish more between them and the official sign.  

I also got suggestions to alter my rays (make the flash look more like flashing instead of just like the flashers are on or so angled that it looks like the car’s crashing). In particular the rays of the unofficial one gave people the wrong information. Some people also got optically confused because of the way the angle of the flash looked on top of the angle of the diagonal red line (in global and local especially). IMG_5364In order of global/ local

official/ unofficial

high vernacular/ low vernacular


^My peers encouraged me to go in the direction of photographing for low vernacular. I showed this one to them for high vernacular, but it looked way too LOW vernacular. The image wasn’t clear enough, in terms of form AND in terms of content. Even the low vernacular one (with the exclamation mark) was grainy and unclear.



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