Merging: Final touches and final signs for first critique

Fixing wheel:Finaltouchwheellocal1 ^I wanted the outline of the wheel to be ‘transparent’ so that the red lines showed through


Finaltouchwheellocal3 ^ Did that by expanding the circle and then deleting the shape made from the stroke.Finaltouchwheellocal4

Finaltouchwheellocal5^ End look

The Final signs for the first critique:

Global                                                                           LocalCritsigns1

Official                                                                          UnofficialCritsigns2

High V                                                                           UnofficialCritsigns3

Unofficial (marked over this with a cross)             UnofficialCritsigns4

Marked a red exclamation mark over this:

High VernacularDSC_00793

Last minute decision to have this as another iteration of Low Vernacular (put a x over it with red marker as well)DSC_0055


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