Merging: editing photographs for Low Vernacular and High Vernacular

Low Vernacular: ^Decided to lighten this image. ^Tried the brightness/contrast adjustment layer

 ^The curves adjustment layer produced better results

^ Used a combination of both curves and brightness/contrast adjustment.

High Vernacular:

DSC_0079 ^ I felt like this view would be a high vernacular view. It’s a bit abstract, but not too much.

lowvphotoedit2Decided to put a layer of red on top of the picture (it could make the message more dramatic, but maybe it would be less clearer?)

lowvphotoedit4 Experimenting/iterations with different layer modes (linear burn)

lowvphotoedit5 Lighten

lowvphotoedit6 Overlay

lowvphotoedit7 Hue (this looks cool, but I don’t want to highlight the dashboard)

lowvphotoedit8 Color

DSC_00793^Settled with this one. In hindsight, I could’ve masked the red so that only the view from the windscreen would be red.


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