Word: experimenting with materials and type (and photoshop)

Found some inspiration before I began making my own things:


^ The K is really cool

Started my own ones:

Typewordexperi1 ^ Marbles were very difficult to work with. They kept rolling around. Once I was done, my friend came up with the solution of laying tape on the page, to get the marbles to slightly stick

Marbles are outside of the letter, demotivated people are void of happiness/brightness (marbles). ‘Lost your marbles’ comes to mind.

Typewordexperi5 ^ Unused sponges because demotivated people don’t do the dishes…It made sense at the time


^ Patients – demotivated, tired of being ill. My mother’s diabetic, she’s got to use these each time she has to inject herself, most of the times she just doesn’t bother anymore.


^ Lack of cleanliness – demotivated. Also these seemed to be good for filling in the type.


^ Lack of self-care and something that is easily lost/forgotten. A lot of things I have for stultify also sounded like they could go for miserable.

Typewordexperi6^ Spoons

DSC_0024^ Modelling clay

Typewordexperi7^ Dirty spoons! You guessed it – demotivated.


^ This was one of the first ones I tried. I later realised that using the outline of the letter was better than a fill. Also, I hated the way these were as well, very difficult to get them in place and make them stay there. Kept moving off at the slightest touch.


^ This experiment was mostly for fun. One of the reasons I picked galvanise was because it brought back memories of chemistry classes:

verb: galvanise
  1. 1.
    shock or excite (someone), typically into taking action.
    “the urgency of his voice galvanized them into action”
  2. 2.
    coat (iron or steel) with a protective layer of zinc.
    “an old galvanized bucket”

So I wanted to use metal or metal wires for galvanise, especially since they’d fit the typeface so well. Another reason was that even the first definition (which is the one I’m supposed to be looking at) relates to metals, since electrifying and jolting someone into action can be linked to electricity/brightness.

Typewordexperi18 ^ Socks/laundry for euphoric (you thought I was going to say demotivated). Euphoria in being a slob (in the holidays and any other time life allows). It’s not about being euphoric because you’re being a slob. It’s about being euphoric because after a really long time you can get away with it – those days when you feel like doing nothing, and you can actually afford to do nothing (instead of forcefully having to make yourself do things). Can you tell I relate to this personally?

I considered taking this in the direction of baby clothes and baby things (soft toys with the clothes), but it seems way less interesting.

Typewordexperi17 Typewordexperi16

^ Generic colourful rock found at Rawnaq…it looked trippy, seemed to fit euphoria in a dark way.

Typewordexperi15 ^ Ripped up envelopes (with splattered ink) for miserable. The concept sounded cool, visual not so much

IMG_7153 < Fabulously taped tripod (it refused to be stay at the angle I wanted it to be at and kept ‘drooping’…so I taped it)

Typewordexperi13 ^ Pills, patient, misery.


^ Gum, covering for halitosis? – demotivated

Typewordexperi10^ Coffee is galvanising – typical


Diabetic needles for insulin injectionsTypewordexperi19^ Photoshopped them together using layer mask. Miserable

DSC_0077 DSC_0073 Typewordexperi20^ Lancets used when testing blood sugar levels.


^ Aromatherapy and essential oils soothe miserable nerves. Concepts interesting, but it’s cliched to look at.

DSC_0090 DSC_0096 Typewordexperi23

^ Found these weird mini baby bottles in Rawnaq. Was meant to be for euphoric, but it just looks silly now. At least I got practice with using the clone stamp tool where I hadn’t taken a photo of the lid at the end

type2 Typewordexperi22

^ Again, I knew it was cliche, but now I have marshmallows in my locker.

These are some that I didn’t have time to make and it didn’t seem that they’d work out either.

medal1 medal5 medal2

^ Medal for euphoric.

DSC_0064 DSC_0066DSC_0069

^ Trophy for euphoric. Now that I’m looking at it, it looks exactly like what it is: a cheap toy. Not very interesting, pretty tacky. Could argue that’s the idea/intentional irony, but I’d be lying through my teeth/fighting for a stupid cause. 

DSC_0103 DSC_0108

^ I really like badminton and the exhilaration of a good game is euphoric. But it didn’t look interesting.


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