Word: brainstorming ideas and shopping

We decided to be really cool and help each other out with getting ideas for our words. We didn’t forget to document, so we decided to take a time lapse.IMG_5255 ^ The most advanced tripod to ever exist (featuring my fluffy heart pillow – which didn’t help stabilise anything)


We timed ourselves to approximately 2-5 minutes per word and switched around the papers of everyone’s words (total of 16? 4×4…). We planned to go around twice (each word gets passed around twice, but didn’t have enough time and didn’t seem necessary).

********************PICTURE OF BACK OF PAGES WITH TYPEFACES (MIND MAP) *********************

After that, we went shopping and had a blast in Rawnaq for supplies and potential interesting objects we could use. Okay, but honestly it did end up being fun, I don’t know where this Rawnaq had been all my life. I used to get dragged go to a different one. That one wasn’t this nice.

Like the idiot I was, I forgot to take a photo of my mindmaps. I was left with a blank brain in the shop. I quickly wrote down my words on my hand before I forgot those too to keep them in mind as I looked for things. Yet I bought a lot of pointless unnecessary things that could come in handy later, because they were cheap cute interesting:IMG_5262

I love cheap stores.


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