Type: Picking words

Everyone laid down the words they printed out. We created a carpet/mosaic of paper.

Then the superb game of pick-the-word-you-want-before-someone-else-gets-it began.IMG_4686 IMG_4687

I picked euphoric/تعاسة and galvanise/تقاعس

I would have preferred to pick words that just looked good, in terms of the typeface and letters, but any 1 word we pick, we had to pick the opposite of it in the other language.

So, تعاسة means miserable

and تقاعس means failure or stultify

These were the types I chose:

********************PICTURE OF PAGES WITH TYPEFACES*********************

Now I should make approx. 40 experiments for each word (around 10 for each) with different objects/materials that would match the word in some way. A letter from the word is enough, don’t need to do the whole word. Even then, having 40 different ideas itself seems daunting…


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