Design Tech: First Character Critique (families)

After everyone put their characters up for the first Design Technology critique I felt like I’d messed up. My characters’ families weren’t as varied as the rest at all.

I had reduced my characters’ elements and tested whether they changed colour at one click. Then I continued from there with colour. All my characters were coloured.

I felt like I’d gotten carried away by experimenting with colour and gradients so much that I didn’t focus on varying my characters’ families as much as the others did. I also had the wrong idea about families; instead of making my characters look like they were from the same general species I made them parts of actual families…a child, mother, grandpa, punk teen, sassy teen.


In hindsight, I feel that I probably didn’t need to feel as unaccomplished as I did because I did practise a lot with colour and it got me looking into colour palettes (based on the feedback I got).

The feedback I got was mostly surrounding the zany colour scheme of my aliens (how it was too much) and how the colours of the blobs clashed as well. Because their colours were so detached from each other (green, pink, blue), they didn’t look like a family.

I also got a lot of positive feedback about my blobs. People seemed to love them the most out of all my other characters.This I found VERY surprising. Apparently they were the most emotive? Maybe the reason why they seemed to have the most character was because they were the only sad characters. Anyway, people loved them for some reason. To me they just looked like gumdrops, which isn’t a bad thing, but it isn’t the most interesting thing either…



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