Character Design: refining families and printing

I wanted to make one of the jellyfish interact with another. Figuring out how to ‘bend’ the arm was difficult. Since, as of now I think there’s no way (compared to how in Photoshop it’s easy to warp and bend shapes).

I tried this (cutting and rotating bits):DesignTec70 DesignTec71 ^ (I thought simplifying the number of anchor points would make bending the overall shape possible/easier. It didn’t)DesignTec72 DesignTec75^ eraser tool DesignTec78 ^ cleaning up edges and excess points

I wanted to make a punk alien. The inspiration probably came from how my alien looked when I’d tested each of his arms with a different colour (to see whether I’d simplified the shapes enough).

DesignTec84 ^ Trying to make a mohawk…DesignTec87^ rounded spike would work better? Nope…DesignTec89DesignTec90

knife tool to slice the tip and make the slits.

DesignTec91 DesignTec93

^ pointed the tipsDesignTec95 ^ I thought using the width tool here would make it look more like spikes, it didn’t.DesignTec96

I decided to thin out the stroke near the tips of the hair (using the width tool).

DesignTec97 DesignTec98

…head?-piercings:        DesignTec102

^ Used the same trick I used for the grandpa jellyfish’s walking stick. Cut a section of the ring, sent it back, while keeping the other section on top of the alien


^ clipping mask and then the trim tool in pathfinder to simplify the path.


^ Learnt how to do this trimming business in Imaging


⌄ Couldn’t figure out how to make the blob look like he was sadly looking down.


Me: I’ve tried everything, I can’t get it to work!

Friend: Why don’t you try moving the face down?


: …you’re magic.

: Thank you.



The characters’ families that I printed out:Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.24.22 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.25.10 PM


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