Blobs: Critique day, reflection

I never thought that my gumdrops would evolve into these beauties. And I never thought I’d refer to them as beauties…

colouredblob4 colouredblob3 colouredblob2 colouredblob1

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.50.10 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.48.57 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.52.20 PMI got positive feedback about the way my blobs interacted with their spaces, even the uncoloured ones (which I thought didn’t look as dimensional).

Apparently they were interacting with the  white space too. Most likely because of the way the blobs didn’t have legs, they didn’t look like they were floating in the space.



I’ve always liked the idea of blobs. I used to make many different types of my own slime and putty.

When it came to making the vectors, the inspiration just came with the process. As I learned more about the gradient mesh I adapted my characters likewise and was able to create the effect I wanted.

To get the basic shape the pen tool guided me to make the blob. I went with the flow.

Then there was the mashed potato and cheese pizza

Coloured vs Black+White

I like the coloured ones way more. They look more like the form I want each type of blob to take/display when they’re in colour.

Things learnt (Technical+Conceptual)

Practiced the pathfinder tool, learnt how to and the importance of reducing the elements of shapes (for vinyl printing for example). Got comfortable with the gradient mesh. Less can be more (especially when it comes to colour palettes).

Simply shaped characters can be more interesting and have more personality than complicated ones. A narrative doesn’t have to be a complex story.


Give the blobs more personality (experimenting with expressions and how different emotions/feelings can cause/be expressed by different forms). Have the different types of blobs interacting with each other (mushing/melting/mixing together?)


  • I could make slimes of different consistencies to match with my blobs!
  • Maybe store them in an hourglass or something, to see how the different types drip through…
  • Animate blobs


Finalising which character to focus on/realising the potential of the blobs.

I really liked my blobs, especially when I started using the gradient mesh (with the gumdrop one). But I felt they weren’t interesting or dynamic enough as ‘characters’ (especially when I compared to what everyone else was doing).

Using the gradient mesh – it’s a complicated tool to use: sometimes it would work fine and so very smoothly, sometimes it was just impossible to get it to do what I wanted it to do. Practice and tutorials were my friends.


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