Blobs: 4 characters in a setting – coloured

Throughout this process I used Paletton to help me with my colours:

colourscheme1 set1colourscheme2 colourscheme3

I started with experimenting with how I wanted the red blob to look. I considered melting the eyes and showed the different variations to a friend. They suggested to have the white part stretch but let the pupil remain round and unstretched, like the 3rd one Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.27.53 PM

I moved on to make a slightly thicker blob/glob drip down the side of the space. What I noticed was that even though I used to think the blob blush would be better to make blobs, in reality the pen tool worked better. The blob just took it’s own course when I used this tool.

I also noticed that making the drips wasn’t easy, I’d have to adjust and readjust anchor points to make just one small drip face the right way. If it didn’t curve/bulge/spill realistically (according to it’s imagined consistency and gravity) it just looked off/odd.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.28.03 PM

^ Adding the gradient mesh to make highlights + shadows was a different task on its own.

It was getting complicated so I decided to read some more guides on using the tool:

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 3.21.46 PM

I began to have a better understanding of how the points and paths worked in the mesh. When two paths of different shades were closer the gradient was less smooth. When the paths overlapped, there was a clear line where the shades clashed. Like here:Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 4.36.29 PM

Sometimes just figuring out which path was going to which point was a nightmare. But once you find the correct path and un-overlap it, the gradient starts to fix itself:  Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 4.36.40 PM

⌄ Decided to give this blob just one eye, because who said blobs need two eyes? While we’re at it lets make the eye drippy too…

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.38.39 PMScreen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.41.58 PM

I moved on to a clumpier, less goopy blob.

Mashed potatoes for reference:Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 7.09.48 PM

So I made this pink blob on the left.  The idea was how the goop would look in the moment that somebody had just tilted the space.

Tried making the texture clumpy.

Then got to the gradient mesh annnd it didn’t work. Too many anchor points for the mesh tool to work…Had to simplify to the shape on the right. Lost the mashed potato texture somewhat.Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.39.54 PM^ Made the whites of the eyes slightly pink…looked ‘unnatural’ when it was pure white. It looks more ‘natural’ now – as natural as a vector blob drawing can look.

Even though I had to simplify the points, the gradient mesh still refused to work until I split the blob into two. Had to apply the mesh to both parts separately, and carefully match the gradients where the two parts meet.Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 11.19.29 PM

After going through those fancy steps I noticed something:Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 11.14.53 PMScreen Shot 2015-09-15 at 11.14.49 PM^ Don’t know how or when that got there, but it could have been the reason why the gradient mesh was being a pain. Although, I think it only got there after I simplified the points.

Testing how it looks tilted:

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 12.22.36 AM

Made me realise I should make the ‘drips’ drip a bit more (because gravitational forces). I also added extra gradients in the overall drip, trying to get the clumpiness back.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 8.42.58 AM

Finally, I wanted to make a stretchy blob. Got this image by searching up ‘stretchy slime’ on Google:


BUT, I googled ‘stretchy cheese’ and ended up mainly using this image as reference (rotated it for the purpose of the project):

wfxCv I’m not even joking about using it as reference. I literally had it open as I drew:

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 8.07.00 AM

^ It seemed like it would be complicated before I started. In fact, in the beginning I starting trying to draw out the purple shape (with the holes) using the pen tool.

“Pain,” I thought to myself. Instead I made the big purple shape (like a curvy, fancy rectangle).

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 11.56.50 PM

Then added the ‘gaps’ by drawing the green elliptical-like shapes using the pen tool.

I just had a thought. I could have later used the pathfinder to simplify all those shapes into the one purple shape, by minus-ing the green shapes on top from the purple.

Then I rebutted that thought by thinking that maybe the gradient mesh wouldn’t work if I did that, because there could be too many anchor points for the tool to handle.

Now that my random internal monologue is done, I can move on to praising the gradient mesh tool.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.43.02 PM

After adding the green shapes to represent the gaps, I varied the opacity of a couple of them (to show some of the purple through them) so that it looked like it was almost stretched completely.

If you look closely at the cheese on the pizza, my gibberish will make sense.

Then I used the gradient mesh on the purple layer,
Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.43.02 PMScreen Shot 2015-09-22 at 11.56.50 PM

to enhance that almost stretched look. Again, as soon as I stop making sense, consult the cheese pizza.


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