Design Tech: First day, Illustrator refresher

The most exciting thing that had happened in the first week so far. This class. The introduction made it sound so cool. We’d learn about technological stuff, for example, printing, 3D printing, vinyl cutting, using softwares, using different softwares together, animation…already sounds so cool.

AND…all of this will be learnt under the blanket project of Character Design! Yay :’)

We started off with a refresher in illustrator.


And the homework? Make characters!!

3 from each category, those being:

  1. Aliens
  2. Sea creatures
  3. Fictional creatures
  4. Sad blobs (I literally punched the air and went “yes!” when he said this, and of course, my friends laughed at me)
  5.  Happy geometry (“wannabe Sad Blobs,” I thought)

So of course that day I went home and worked hard on character design. By researching. Already existing characters. Studying the characteristics of them. I watched cartoons. Basically.DesignTechresearch2


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