Character Design: Reducing/cleaning character elements, colour explorations and families PART 3

I was making a grandpa jellyfish with a stick. I had to split the stick where he held it, and then paste it on top, to make it look like his tentacle was wrapped around it.

DesignTec23 DesignTec24 DesignTec25

and I couldn’t group the two parts of the stick afterward, it would go back to the way it was.

Shortening the mouth for the child alien:DesignTec26 DesignTec27 DesignTec28 DesignTec29 DesignTec30

Had to make the arm separately. Once a gradient mesh is placed, altering the shape is not possible. (is my inexperienced observation so far…) DesignTec33    DesignTec37 DesignTec38 DesignTec39  DesignTec41 ^ This was very confusing. I just sort of winged it.DesignTec42

References for grandpa jellyfish:

Search terms make a big difference…DesignTecref1 DesignTecref2 ^ I mostly looked at the old guy in the purple sweater


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