Character Design: Reducing/cleaning character elements, colour explorations and families PART 2

Another thing I did (to help me decide how many ‘elements’ I wanted my characters to be split into) was to start clicking and colouring. This was to test whether the characters were simplified properly, and changed in one click e.g. both eyes in one click, arms in separate clicks from the body, teeth in one click, mouth in another click etc. DesignTec1

This also helped me notice how I had oversimplified some of my shapes. For example this alien’s pupils ended up changing colour with the rest of the body. So I had to cut the pupil from the body and make it it’s own shape


How they looked after I’d tested each ‘section’ with colour. Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.17.57 PM

I used the blob brush tool to add details to vary my characters (when making the families)DesignTec22

I decided to experiment with the gradient mesh tool to give my blobs dimension. I’m documenting each step for my future reference:DesignTec7DesignTec8DesignTec9DesignTec11

Added an ellipse on top, for a brighter highlight:DesignTec12DesignTec13DesignTec15

Tried doing the same thing with a gradient mesh. It didn’t work very well:DesignTec14

Tried doing it with the pearl necklace’s beads too. Highlighting something that’s already supposed to be white was harder. It didn’t really work:DesignTec19


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