Character Design: Reducing/cleaning character elements, colour explorations and families PART 1

So I had to ‘clean’ up my characters, basically reduce the elements, so that any part that I wanted to change colour in one click would do that (and I wouldn’t have to select – and group – a bunch of separate parts). I also had to make ‘families’ for my 4 favourite characters


The pathfinder tool was my best friend throughout this process:Characterdesignreduceelements_1 ^ I actually didn’t know whether to use minus front or something else…I just clicked and command z-ed until I got what I was looking for…

Characterdesignreduceelements_2 Characterdesignreduceelements_3 ^ A lot of weird shapes on top of shapes had to be simplified. Characterdesignreduceelements_5 Characterdesignreduceelements_6 ^ The tool that I used is highlighted (uniteCharacterdesignreduceelements_7 ^ went in with the minus pen toolCharacterdesignreduceelements_8 Characterdesignreduceelements_9 ^ these were lines I made with the pencil. I had to expand them into shapes.

Characterdesignreduceelements_11 ^ learned to release paths in type class, came in handy now.

Characterdesignreduceelements_12 Characterdesignreduceelements_13 Characterdesignreduceelements_14

^ Had to cut the eyes in this shape (using pathfinder) and then moved the mouth dimples to align with them.Characterdesignreduceelements_15 ^ I used cmd+y throughout this process. I thought about my paths in terms of how a vinyl cutter would cut them to help me decide how to simplify my characters.

**I also changed the shape of my sad blob’s ice cream based on peer feedback:

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 9.18.57 PMScreen Shot 2015-09-21 at 9.18.45 PM

^ people had said that it didn’t look like a scoop of dropped/melting ice cream.


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