Character Design: Late night gathering…

Worked as a group on Type. Then moved on to work as a group on characters. Of course, armed with plenty of karak and club sandwiches to last through the night.


We sketched out on the whiteboard just for fun.DesignTechresearch1

But then I realised that I preferred this method way more than sketching on paper. It made erasing mistakes, redoing/revising and working freely without thinking about goofing up much easier.

DesignTechresearch1 copy

^ made these. The one on the left must have been inspired by this character (by Eman Al-Jailay) that was displayed outside the Graphic Design department:


I started off on illustrator by making my blobs first. Because blobs.

sadblobs1 Experimentation with the expressions and scale of the expressions verses the size of the blobs.sadblobs2 sadblobs3

⌄ Finalised these for the critique. The one in the centre was an experimentation with the distort and transform effect (zig zag, to make it look like it’s scared/emotional). The eyelashes on the one at the top ended up looking like the blob’s mouth to some.

I love the one in the bottom row and centre, it looks so bewildered yet charming. And the one with the dropped ice cream is an avatar of me…such an accurate description it’s uncanny. Characterdesignprint_2

Used the zig zag distortion for the melting ice cream:Characterdesign_9

After making a variety of blobs I got stuck again. My friends suggested I go checkout their pins again.

Found these:

c6995e916f729a82fcdb42e09bbe12457b5216c8ed6f70b2366186f3dffdb0a8 I made a jellyfish that was basically this jellyfish, but with different tentacles.

Friend: That’s plagiarism

Me: …is it though?


I changed the tentacles!

It’s still basically the same thing – YOU CAN’T JUST PLAGIARIZE, ASMA!

Okay :’|

So that happened…

I finalised these as my sea creatures. I think I’m still very close to ripping off that jellyfish from Pinterest. I made the other jellyfish as back up…and to justify the creepily happy expression on the jellyfish.Characterdesignprint_1

I made the eyebrows of the fish like this, there was no other way of doing it, if I made it all black it wouldn’t show up on the black and vice versa. Characterdesign_8

I used a picture of a sea horse to help me make a sea horse (didn’t know what it looked like). I tried making its fins detailed and realistic but that wasn’t my forte. I went for a more cartoonish look. Making the chubby cheeks of the sea horse was not simple, however.

the width tool was very handy in making all my characters.Characterdesign_6

The scissors and join tools helped with my alien’s head antennae thingsCharacterdesign_11Characterdesign_12

Pen toolCharacterdesign_15

Made this pattern using a row of black circles on top of a row of white circles and then pathfinder.Characterdesign_16


I wanted the curves of my mushroom’s head to be curvy, but smooth. Like a firm blob…So:

object>path>simplify Characterdesign_10

Happy Geometry:Characterdesignprint_3

Fictional Creatures:Characterdesignprint_4


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