Character Design: Beginning

Of course I started off with a blob, it seemed to be the simplest to start off with, I mean it’s a blob…

Characterdesign_1 I tried using the arc tool first, to make smooth edges…but I couldn’t get the arcs to arch in the direction I wanted them to arch in.Characterdesign_4 ^ I opted for the simpler solution of making an ellipse and deleting the bottom anchor point using the pen tool.Characterdesign_5 ^ “A face. Now I have a horrified blob. And now I’m stuck.”

Again I turned to Pinterest to save the day. Pinning things I found as well as things my friends had pinned.2f0d14d153d0feacf3246a60b4e69d7f 39413528bdbb16de1fd7fbcd466e2f05


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