The Golden Key: Critique day

Went into class not knowing that today would be a minor critique day. Rushed through to materialise a few ideas I’d had before, then printed out a few of my strongest ones.



^ Changed the colour of the sky, made the snow rise higher a bit and the gradient a bit more blurred at the top. I aimed to get a snowy dusty effect of snow…mist? (I’ve never seen/experienced snow first-hand, not sure what it’s called).

ImagingTheGoldenKeycrit3^Experimented with the gradient mesh (left) verses the blend tool (right)ImagingTheGoldenKeycrit5ImagingTheGoldenKeycrit4  ImagingTheGoldenKeycrit6   ImagingTheGoldenKeycrit9 ^ Tried adding a glow to the gradient mesh ImagingTheGoldenKeycrit11

^ The one on the left looks cool, but this ⌄ was more like what I was going for

ImagingTheGoldenKeycrit12 ImagingTheGoldenKeycrit13 ImagingTheGoldenKeycrit14  ^ Getting the right shade for the chest was difficult, if it was too light, it would look too light in the bottom area and if it was too dark the bottom of the chest would show up too much (in the darker area) and it just stuck out like a sore thumb.

ImagingTheGoldenKeycrit17 ^ I tried getting it to blend in with the background a bit, and kept the stroke thin so that it wasn’t too obvious


ImagingTheGoldenKeycrit18 ^ Tried adding a glow around the key, to see how it would look.

ImagingTheGoldenKeycrit19 ^ Worked on the gradient mesh with the keyhole experiment. It was…painfully difficultImagingTheGoldenKeycrit20 ^ I just couldn’t get the edges to blend well enough, the way a proper glow should


ImagingTheGoldenKeycrit21^ I thought placing the layer with the gradient mesh on top of another solid black layer would make it look like the background colours (that’s how they were: yellow gradient mesh layer on top of solid black). And…it didn’t work at all

ImagingTheGoldenKeycrit22 ^ I thought playing with the opacity of the edge mesh points would do the trick…it didn’t. ‘It didn’t’ < I’ve said that so many times already. It worsened when I tried to spread the white mesh points to the edges to take the shape of keyhole

So many technical issues…so painfulImagingTheGoldenKeycrit23 ImagingTheGoldenKeycrit24 ImagingTheGoldenKeycrit25 ^ I finally got the idea to split the keyhole into two parts, it worked somewhat ⌄ImagingTheGoldenKeycrit26

Had to pick a few from these ⌄ Not sure what the pop up meant though… ImagingTheGoldenKeycrit28

What I printed out for the critique:Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 6.36.46 PM

These blue ones are two separate ones:Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 6.37.21 PM


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