The Minimalist Golden Key: Post-Critique Critique…

So peers came and critiqued each others work using post it notes. Some comments were helpful and constructive, some not so much…

IMG_5440 IMG_5445

All was fine…until night came and lightning struck – our table.

It came in the form of a senior. And we just happened to be the only table still in university that late (as usual) otherwise we wouldn’t have had reality handed to us rather jarringly. The basic gist of what happened was that he made us realise that our work was VERY amateur (even for sophomores)…mine in particular. When he heard which story I was working with I think even he felt confused and helpless for me. The only suggestion he could give was to research, research and research some more all over again. Start over. Scratch it all and start over. I’ve got five days to scratch it all and start over and  make something amazing (by my standards at least). Yay.


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