The Minimalist Golden Key: Critique

IMG_5230 IMG_5233

We had our first critique in both Imaging and Design Technology today. It went okay. My imaging posters didn’t print out clear, the colours got messed up or were too light and the strokes were too thin to show up (I guess lesson learned to do test prints). Although, not entirely my fault, the printers were being weird. Kept jamming amongst other things i.e. simply not printing…

Anyway, apparently I had captured a mood in my posters which was a good thing. When I looked at mine next to everyone else’s I felt like I might have gone a bit over the top with the gradients. One of my posters which didn’t have the layers of snow and ground blending looked the best to me, the cleanest, most minimal.


I also realised (and got told) that I needed to make the snowfall way tinier otherwise they’d print into huge white blobs. Surprisingly, I really liked the way one of my keyhole ones turned out (favourite one actually), but it still looks really cliche to me.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 12.01.47 PM


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