Translating a Tale: brainstorming ideas

After reading my story I was a bit shocked to find that it was the tiniest fairytale I had ever read. After reading through it and different versions of it (there weren’t many) a few times I highlighted key points in the story and points that gave the strongest visual image when reading.


^ I sketched out the first few ideas I got for the minimalist (left) and the maximalist poster (right).

After doing that I was able to dismiss some of the most cliched ones and discuss them with others (and get more ideas).


I just remembered that I had gone on Pinterest and Google images searching “snow vectors” or “hole in the ground” etc. to give me ideas or references for creating a hole in the snow from a bird’s eye view using vectors.


2b4a556c21d936f4a394212e2778c8a6 3b7787c4adc898df98c086f887d13fed maximalist?3cfcc3d28b03200eafd4c9ab20737866 maximalist?5a9e6df48aa26b31218aa06433fc7476 7d44dca87d00c0b5d5e47a57e338d2cc 91aad45916d6015f349365fb5b37de40 292ee2980663b0501af3a0009ef6f88b 8338a0bac177c3c118d2823fb186217d a6321c493aa0402cf3fe75a2e9c54b3f fabd4b48eb4ecdca3c061bdb18735269357d6f4f6adafa61c4afdafb53be341fmaximalist?09384b58776cf38f2e57e1fb429e3360maximalist?534780131a7371579d223bb0b552edc1maximalist/minimalist? (minimal colour scheme)c8be1ad04fa24e9a4bd72128a9c2b602maximalist?


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