The Golden Key: vector experimentations

More experimentations!


^ Learnt how to use the gradient mesh in Design Tech. Decided to try it out…”maybe this will make the first person view look good.” I really wanted it to look good. It didn’t.


^ Tried out another sketch. I really liked this idea too (because it was my idea…?). It seemed a bit cliche but the results looked good.


^ Experimented with a golden ‘glow’


^ experimented with opacity


^ somehow I did this…Not sure how. I think I made the gradient mesh lines cross over each/become closer to each other, so the ‘rays’ formed inside the glow.


^ I tried making a cross-section view of the key glowing in the snow.

ImagingTheGoldenKey9 ImagingTheGoldenKey10

^ Bunch of different variations to make them look proper, but it didn’t work. It looked more like a  heavenly sunrise or clouds. Anything but glowing snow. I just did a google image search for ‘glowing snow’. Nothing fruitful.


^ After discussing with the Professors, they recommended experimenting with the keyhole idea further (colour, placement, clarity). They also suggested a more direct cross-section view, like this:

ImagingfurtherideasImagingTheGoldenKey2 ImagingTheGoldenKey3 ^ I still haven’t been able to get the difference between cmyk verses rgb colours…what is the difference?????

ImagingTheGoldenKey4 ImagingTheGoldenKey5

^ I really didn’t like the way the experimentations with colours turned out (apart from the one with a slight golden glow on the black background)

ImagingTheGoldenKey6 ImagingTheGoldenKey7

^ Experimentation with the scatterbrush tool (researched it for design technology)


^ Some people liked this one, but I didn’t, it gave off a christmas card vibe.


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