Merging: Paper to vectors and variations

I translated my notebook sketches to vector illustrations.

My initial sketches were too complex. I was recommended to not include ‘a guy being hit’ because my message wasn’t necessarily ‘don’t flash otherwise you’ll cause an accident’, it was more like ‘don’t flash!’. Trying to include more information in the sign would make it too complicated to read it quickly, and seeing as this sign was meant for road users, the message needed to be clearly delivered –  and fast.


^ The flashers in these signs weren’t clear enough. The positioning of the cars was also not clear enough.




^ This perspective was clearer, but the lines didn’t make it clear enough that it was a flashing light. In my brain with the influence of High School Physics classes those lines were so obviously light rays…but I guess not. In hindsight, they do look more like something is being sprayed towards the other car.

Methods7ideasvector Methods8ideasvector

^ The horn details were too abstract and would be too small for a road user to notice.



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