Merging: experimentation with flashing

Using the tips I got from the last discussion, I experimented with many different possibilities of light ‘rays’ (I should probably use the word beam).


^ I wanted the beam to look like the harsh, strong light that it is. I liked the effect of the bottom right beam, I’ll call it the default beam.


^ I thought that maybe if I added curved lines inside the ‘default beam’ it would look more like flashes of light. That’s why I experimented with giving the rays jagged edges too (to look more like flashes). But I felt like the curves represented wifi wavelengths a bit too closely (like the car at the back is sending radio signals to the car in front of it).



^ These ones just didn’t look clear enough. The different shapes and lines didn’t add anything to the message that the ‘default beam’ was already getting across.



^ Here I looked at what kind of effect cropping into the beam would have on the sign.

I got suggested to change the way my cars looked. They look more like toy cars (I initially felt that the simplicity of the car would not distract from the message, but the cars themselves can be distracting, and look not very official).


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