Merging: Experimentation based on context

Using the recommendation from the last time I discussed my experimentations, I found online references of cars to help me come up with a less ‘toy-like’ representation of a ‘global’ car.




^ I used this method to make the ‘beam-outline-effect’ happening on the back of the front car. I used the pathfinder tool, trial and error and the pen tool.


^ I fixed this issue of the bottom part of the car also being ‘highlighted’ by making another copy of the original black car and cutting-pasting just that part of the car on top.


I moved on to thinking about my sign in different contexts. For that I needed to have an idea of what kind of signs were high vernacular and what was low vernacular. Our professors did try clarifying the differences, but now that it came to actually having to think about designing the sign, it’s still pretty confusing.


^ Google didn’t help…again… Some of the signs showed up in the search for low vernacular signage also showed up in the search for low vernacular signage. Thanks for clarifying, Google.

Google did help in finding references for my ‘local’ sign. I chose to use a big land cruiser as the ‘flasher’ in the local sign because they’re notorious for flashing. In fact, when one of my old professors came and told me not to go up real close behind someone and flash them with my Land Cruiser I got even more motivated to work on this sign.


^ I had to experiment with the size of the beams because I felt that the land cruiser would have a stronger, longer beam of light


^ I had absentmindedly adjusted the smaller sized beam with the vector of the landcruiser as well, so it didn’t fit with the small car. I had to readjust it again.


^ Even  though I initially planned to simply readjust the positioning of the beam, I also decided to lengthen it, to make it more dramatic


^ I found the differences between my official and global signs very minute. The line of difference was so thin that before I went to discuss I simply switched two of the signs at the last minute.


^ I decided to revert back to a toy-like car to make it look more unofficial


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