Merging: Establishing goals and discussing ideas

Before discussing and sketching out ideas, as a class we established some goals that we wanted to achieve by the end of this project.

After a general discussion, various ideas stuck out to me. For example:

a no spitting sign/no littering,

no flashing (car lights)/no rash driving,

cat crossing/cat under car,

warning for the weather/sandstorm/duststorm/heat/drink water regularly/sign directing to water fountain.


Recently having come out of driving school I remembered how the different  shapes and colours of different signs meant different things. I made a note of them to keep them in mind.

The idea of ‘no jaywalking’ also crossed my mind.


I decided to home in on the problems of spitting and flashing and noted that both are behaviour problems. The difference is that people don’t see the negative of impact of spitting (apart from it being impolite) whereas it’s obvious and common knowledge that flashing is a driving hazard. In fact, the fact that even I didn’t know/ever consider that spitting could spread tuberculosis/diseases is what caused me to want to pursue this problem.


I started sketching for both ideas


My sketches for the spitting sign were so bad (lacking in simplicity, clarity and simply put, ugly to look at) that I was too embarrassed to even discuss them in class. I think I was half asleep when I was sketching them. They’re so terrible. Anyway, so after failing to figure out a simple way to give the message ‘don’t spit because it can spread disease’ I decided to turn my complete focus on flashing cars.




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