Type 50/50: iterations

So I found out in class that basically a lot of what I’ve been doing so far was wrong…this project will be the end of me.
^ So a lot of these are the white letter just placed on the black letter. I thought the better the letters were ‘married’ together, in the sense of how they looked together was what I thought we were going for. From that perspective they’re ‘merging’ pretty nicely.

^ I really like how the one in the bottom right corner looked, the way the و mixed with the ء to make organic/leafy shapes. But apparently that’s totally wrong…tut.

The white letter is supposed to make up as much of the negative space of the black letter as possible. I’m relying too much on the white background to make my pairs ‘mix’ well and look interesting.

⌄ This z and v pair is absolutely wrong, but it’s so pretty. It’s pretty wrong. Unintentional pun, hah. I’m not laughing though. I’m weeping inside. 30 iterations and they’re all wrong. Yay.typgraphyexperiment51

Now begins the quest to make stuff fit together. It’s so much more difficult than it sounds. typgraphyexperiment61typographyexperiment8

Another thing that I forgot to add. Another thing that makes this project “so much more difficult than it sounds”. The two letters in a pair should be guessable, BUT they should also not be too obvious. So much confusing contradiction. Reminds me of the Imaging syllabus:

If an image is too direct, we tend to ignore it, if an image is too abstract we don’t understand it’


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