50/50: mounting the final 3

I mounted my final 3 letters on Bristol paper and I am the definition of stupidity human error.

I was all clever and printed multiple copies of my final 3 during the week. Then came the weekend and I decided to use my fancy spray mounting glue to easily mount the work.

I took my things to university, making sure to remember my toolbox (which had my x-acto knife and cutting ruler). Once I reached I realised that I’d forgotten the fancy spray mounting glue at home.

I did some other work and headed back home.

Once I reached I realised that I’d left my blessed toolbox in university.

And so, like the professional that I am, I made do with what I had at hand: a carpet cutter and a Mickey Mouse ruler.

So professional.

The carpet cutter must’ve been blunt:typemountfinal4-e.jpg

Yearning for my x-acto knife, I snapped the carpet cutter to get a fresh blade.typemountfinal5-e.jpgtypemountfinal6-e.jpg^ That picture makes me smile.

I made a system for gluing, making sure to place fresh newspaper underneath each time, otherwise the glue could rub onto the print. Another thing that I was concerned about was if the newspaper ink would rub onto the print. It didn’t, which is good


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