50/50: end result

They looked pretty amazing put up all together like that:

img_5186-e1441735021599img_5187-e1444742170816 (1)

Learning the anatomies of latin letters and arabic letters was weird. Who knew letters had significant ‘parts’. Abstracting letters to the extent that we did was something I’d never done, or even thought of doing before.

Something to remember if I’m faced with a blank page and have no ideas: slap a super enlarged letter on it and fiddle with it.

Troubles I had included everything about this project. Getting letters to fit itself was a trouble (which was basically the project). When you fix one part, another part gets ruined. Some letters just didn’t give 50/50 levels of black and white. Sometimes when the balance was right there was too much active white background space. If all the technical things were in balance (no annoying parts sticking out), the overall composition just didn’t look interesting enough. The quantity also seemed like a trouble when I was working on the project. In hindsight, if I hadn’t made the number of experiments that I did, I wouldn’t have interesting compositions in the end. The kind of project that it was, it seems impossible to calculate and pick the two perfect letters and put them together in perfect harmony in one or two tries.

Iterations are helpful is another thing I learned it seems.

If I could set my own guidelines and had more time I’d go back to some of my experiments that weren’t perfectly 50/50, but still had an interesting composition. Improve on those just to see how they’d look.

We discussed possible uses of this kind of work. Wallpapers, floor tiles, packaging, logos, architecture…almost any kind of design.


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