2nd Type Project: word

Make a word with stuff.

The said stuff/objects need to allude to the word somehow, either directly or the opposite.

Now here is where the brain-muddling part starts. That allusion to the meaning of the word (be it the direct or the opposite meaning) needs to not be too obvious.

So it should make sense eventually, but upon first glance the relation between the material and the word shouldn’t be obvious/crystal clear.

^ This concept isn’t brain-muddling to be honest. It’s clear what needs to be done. But HOW to do it is the difficult part.

So we started simple:


^ We split the workload amongst the class. Testing out how each word looked in ALL the different type faces we had to try in the last project.

Something like this is the goal:


^ This ‘allusion’ is super obvious. It’s not even an allusion. It’s literally just pasta…BUT this is a good example of one of the aims of this project. The typeface shouldn’t be compromised.


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